Company foundation 1991 Gerd Gschwender saw the enormous lack of support for national and international automotive component suppliers.

Both market entry barriers based on complex corporate structures and the lack of tactical and strategic corporate governance were blocking upcoming and innovative companies from becoming original equipment manufacturers.

With this in mind and with his wife’s support, Gerd Gschwender founded the company Gschwender Consulting in 1992.

Present Today Gschwender Consulting has become a leader in Germany for strategic consulting and sales management in the automotive industry. After graduating in business studies with focus on automobile business,

Dominik Gschwender joins the company as a new director in 2003. Following the increase in business and staff, the company moved into its new offices in 2008. In 2016 Gerd Gschwender passes away and Dominik Gschwender becomes managing director. In 2022 the company moves to Wehingen.