Beating the increasingly hard competition in order to be the market leader requires both manufacturers and suppliers to focus on performance and increased competition.
Only when it is clear that the best concepts and strategies are being evaluated and implemented it is possible to overcome the challenges arising from today’s markets. But not all present suppliers posses the potential to improve their quality, technology, logistics, and cut their costs.

New suppliers who show promising potential, are always sought after. The willingness of new suppliers to cooperate with various manufacturers’ initiatives, programmes and activities is typically noticeably higher. However, a substantial part of these suppliers fail because of the industry’s complex structures and the multitude of market entry barriers.
In the last 10 years we have been searching for new suppliers with strong potential on behalf of leading

OEMs. In close collaboration with the original equipment manufacturers, we choose those suppliers, give them our support and oversee their work. The supplier’s quality, technology, costs and logistics quickly reach the highest benchmark levels and hence build the foundations for a long lasting and successful cooperation with the OEM.