The automotive component supply industry has shown a steady growth in the last years. In parallel the consolidation process also turned more dynamic. Successful suppliers are those with specific production know-how, high equity, a focused product portfolio as well as a geographically balanced distribution of turnover.
However, long development times, changes in leadership, company succession, expansion and acquisition financing

lead in most cases to a higher requirement for capital funds. In order to satisfy this without unnecessarily undermining the autonomy of the company itself, a partnership with reliable financial investors has proven to be a huge advantage.
Deciding on the right partner is not easy. Only an independent, long term oriented investor who is independent of the politics within the industry and conflicts of interests, can guarantee the independence of medium size companies.

A financially potent partner will give strength in the ongoing consolidation process by giving advice and helping to implement actions in any case of leadership change, company succession, expansion, acquisitions or other forms of investments or changes.